The Fun Tom Menace

May 02, 2020 00:41:42
The Fun Tom Menace
Wireless Theatre Comedy
The Fun Tom Menace

Show Notes

The Fun Tom Menace explores what happens to a budding new comedy group when they get infiltrated by an annoying Australian and his crazy Russian agent. From London to Trinidad to deep space, this is an adventure that spans the entire universe (including South Petherton). A unique, baffling, comic musical extravaganza that will mess with your mind and also mess with your mind.

Includes strong language.

The Fun Tom Menace – Musical Sketch Comedy

“These guys are the Southpark of Radio Drama” Radio Drama Revival

Starring: Andrew Irvine, Gareth Davies, Nick Von Schlippe, Phil Leamon

Written By : No Cause For A Llama

Edited By : Joe Siddons

Music By : No Cause For A Llama

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