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Audio Comedy from the award winning Wireless Theatre Company. Full Cast audio comedy plays, audio comedy sketch shows and musical comedy. Visit wirelesstheatrecompany.co.uk for more original audio comedy like 'Purdy and Chase' and 'Gino Ginelli's Dead'.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Mince Pie Murder - A Christmas Audio Comedy

    Christmas audio comedy written by Chantal Schaul. Fed up with their rich Aunt Myrtle’s Christmas antics, the Grobbenthwaites don’t bat an eyelid when she is suddenly killed by a poisoned mince pie. They don’t expect, for a moment, that the overbearing but inept Inspector Fumblequinn will solve the mystery. And ...


  2. Llamageddon Part Two

    Llamageddon Part Two – The Alpacalyptic Conclusion Gonad Saffron, having failed to answer God’s general knowledge question correctly has doomed the world to a fiery end. (He really should have chosen snooker.) In an attempt to save the planet, the Llamas have journeyed to ‘Sideways Earth’. Will they manage to re-forge ...


  3. Llamageddon - Part One

    Llamageddon – Part One. The World is Broken… Unfortunately, someone thought these idiots could help. “Hear this, I have little time left and my old, frail breath is leaving me at last. It is the end of days, the end of this fragile time: judgment day. It is the time where ...


  4. Leaves in Autumn

    Iris hadn’t clapped eyes on Jerry, the eighteen year old boy who’d swept her off her feet in 1966 for forty-three years – until a chance meeting at a funeral. Both are now widowed, but will the course of Autumnal love run smooth? Leaves in Autumn is a gentle comedy drama ...


  5. Ladies

    Ladies was inspired by the very real and very fraught campaign at the turn of the 20th Century to build a ladies’ loo just outside Camden Town tube. Restricted toilet facilities for women were causing social, political and economic problems at the time, to address the issue a proposal to ...