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Audio Comedy from the award winning Wireless Theatre Company. Full Cast audio comedy plays, audio comedy sketch shows and musical comedy. Visit wirelesstheatrecompany.co.uk for more original audio comedy like 'Purdy and Chase' and 'Gino Ginelli's Dead'.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Radio Hoo Hah

    A new Radio Four spoof from Mackenzie & McGuire. On Radio Hoo hah today: In My Mind delves into the thoughts of Leonora Velvety Constable-Wheeler, and her passion for Pugs, Shakespeare and taking her clothes off when she totally doesn’t realise. Popular soap opera The Burgers has a few surprises ...


  2. Plus One

    Plus One – Awkward Romantic Comedy Plus One. Scooter, a 30 year old computer programmer, has recently received an invitation to a friends wedding.  He really needs to find a date! Through a series of awkward and funny phone calls to the various women in his life, Scooter comes to terms ...


  3. Pig in Boots - Alternative Pantomime by Richard O'Brien

    Richard O’Brien with Mariele Runacre Temple An Alternative pantomime from Richard O’Brien, the creator of the Rocky Horror ...


  4. Open Spots

    Open Spots – Audio comedy recorded live. Sean is a stand up comedian earning his stripes on the gruelling London stand up circuit. He’s getting ready for another soulless room-above-a-pub gig when he finds out that a top comedy agent is coming to see him. Will he do the perfect ...


  5. Painted Blind

    Painted Blind. Few things are as invigorating as a gin and tonic with ice and a slice, don’t you agree? Mind you, I’ve never been to Lourdes or white water rafting. That Strongbow was a mistake though. A definite mistake. These hot tears tumble from eyes who see all and yet ...