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Audio Comedy from the award winning Wireless Theatre Company. Full Cast audio comedy plays, audio comedy sketch shows and musical comedy. Visit wirelesstheatrecompany.co.uk for more original audio comedy like 'Purdy and Chase' and 'Gino Ginelli's Dead'.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Drayton Trench - Episode 4 [Audio Comedy]

    Drayton Trench episode 4. Jason Davis is an ordinary man whose uncle – Sir Percy Price, archaeologist and disgraced character actor – had been kidnapped in a most extraordinary crime. Fortunately, detective Drayton Trench and her secretary Marjorie were cheap, available, and on the case! With Jason, they tracked Sir ...


  2. Drayton Trench - Episode 3 [Audio Comedy]

    Drayton Trench has tracked kidnapped archaeologist Sir Percy Price to the Hotel Addison, but an encounter with the sadistic Violet Darkbloom has left her spinning – in the downstairs washing machine! Recorded Live at London’s Museum of Comedy, Wireless Theatre and Snatchback present diminutive detective Drayton in episode three of Great ...


  3. Drayton Trench - Episode 2 [Audio Comedy]

    Drayton Trench, written by David K Barnes (Wooden Overcoats). Renowned archaeologist Sir Percy Price has been kidnapped and Drayton is on the case! But danger strikes as she finds herself looking down the barrel of a gun! Recorded live at London’s Museum of Comedy, Wireless Theatre Company and Snatchback present diminutive ...


  4. Drayton Trench - Episode 1 [Audio Comedy]

    Drayton Trench – Great Ceasar’s Ghost by David K. Barnes Jason Davis is an ordinary man who’s just witnessed an extraordinary crime. Alone and afraid, and with only one pair of trousers, he needs the help of London’s very best detective… Join us for episode one of our six-part comedy series from ...


  5. A Brief History Of The Pekka and Strangebone Talent Agency [Audio Comedy]

    A brief history of the Pekka and Strangebone Talent Agency, which dates back as far as the middle agencies. Read by the ever unusual Fred Strangebone. #weirdcomedy #audiocomedy #audiopodcast #strangehumour #darkhumour ...