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Audio Comedy from the award winning Wireless Theatre Company. Full Cast audio comedy plays, audio comedy sketch shows and musical comedy. Visit wirelesstheatrecompany.co.uk for more original audio comedy like 'Purdy and Chase' and 'Gino Ginelli's Dead'.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. We Are The BBC

    Rob Sterling Davies is on the crest of a wave: a celebrated scriptwriter, actor, TV personality, the new doyen of Just a Minute, and apparently, Stephen Fry’s new best friend.  But all isn’t quite as it seems, and when Stephen discovers that Rob’s BAFTA-winning script was stolen, he ...


  2. We Are Not The BBC

    A light-hearted look at the radio drama production process as seen by the members of an amateur dramatics society in a sleepy suburb of Swansea. It can’t be that difficult to make your own play for radio can it? And with a LAMDA-trained professional actor at the helm, surely nothing ...


  3. The School Run

    Tiger mums, tutors and toffs… You’ll meet them all on ‘The School Run’! ‘The School Run’: an audio sketch comedy show set in the more-money-than-sense upper-middle class world of Upper Maidensreare pre-preparatory school. Tiger mums, tutors and toffs… You’ll meet them all on ‘The School ...


  4. Trench Kiss

    Recorded live at The Pleasance King Dome theatre at The Edinburgh Festival 2014, Trench Kiss follows Jim and Sally on holiday in Flanders. While Jim is off looking at gravestones, Sally is suddenly confronted by Jasper, a soldier who by a quirk of fate has been flung forward in ...


  5. The Youth of Old Age

    Wickedly acerbic new writing ‘The Youth Of Old Age’ shows Prunella Scales at her ‘dragon tongued’ best as the matriarch, determined her heir should not marry ‘out of sorts’ by award winning writer Stuart Price.  “A charming and well-acted comic radio drama, and credit is due to ...